5 of the Best Shipping Container Cabin Conversions

The daily grind of mainstream life and the constant hum of the digital world takes its toll on all of us at times. No wonder so many are taking to offgrid cabins, retreating to the solace of a slower way of life, even if only for the weekend. These hidden gems allow you to rest and reconnect with nature. With the likes of Unplugged and Unyoked describing these breaks as a ‘digital detox’, the aim is to ensure you return to normal life feeling revived, having allowed yourself some real down time. 

With this need to escape, comes the opportunity for savvy investors to create a unique hotel or B&B experience using shipping containers. They are the ideal base to create something truly magical. Being that so many people are enjoying these mini breaks in the UK, there’s never been a better time to join the tiny house revolution and turn containers into cabins. 

If you’re looking for inspiration to create your own shipping container glamping pods, then read on to take a look at some of the best conversions out there.

Why shipping containers make amazing glamping pods

There’s a reason why containers make the perfect conversion project, even for beginners. As well as being highly affordable and versatile, they’re weatherproof as standard and easy to convert. What’s more, they’re also an eco-friendly choice as you’re repurposing materials. The list benefits of using containers as a base for glamping pods seems never-ending. But it includes that they are:

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Simple to convert
  • Compact
  • Great looking
  • Portable

As an investment, they really do make great sense. In 2024, the cost for a new container is around £2300, and for a used container it’s about £1500. When you then take into consideration that you could make as much as £75 per night on the lower end, you could cover your initial investment on a new container in as few as 30 nights’ stay. For an in-depth look at some brilliant conversions and an idea how much you could potentially make a night, keep reading!


Photograph of luxury Shipping Container Cabin in field by The Hide, Devon
Photograph from Airbnb listing for The Hide, Devon (link below)

The Hide, Devon

Who: The Hide

What: 40ft high cube shipping container

Where: Poltimore, Devon.

Revenue: From £185 per night

The Hide is a stunning converted shipping container cabin located near Exeter. This amazing private guest house is made from a single 40 foot high cube shipping container. The charming luxury glamping pod has been kitted out to include running water, wifi, and even a log burning stove! It proves that there’s no end to the amazing things you can add during a container conversion.

Set in a beautiful private meadow with stunning views of rolling countryside, it’s the perfect destination for complete relaxation. Using just a humble shipping container, they have transformed it into a beautiful, spacious, and sociable stay for up to four people.


Photograph of chic black Shipping Container Cabin in field by The Box BNB, North Yorkshire
Photograph from The BOX BNB website (link below)

The BOX BNB, North Yorkshire

Who: The BOX BNB

What: 40ft shipping container

Where: Thornton-Le-Dale, Yorkshire.

Revenue: From £165 per night

The BOX BNB offers stays in their high-end boutique shipping container glamping pods. Rather than owning the land themselves, once they have converted them, they find homes for them in picturesque countryside locations on working farms. Their first three cabins are placed just outside the village of Thornton-Le-Dale, on the outskirts of the North York Moors. Each cabin has had a complete renovation and features:

  • A master bedroom
  • Fully functioning bathroom
  • Kitchen and living space

As well as all the modcons you’d expect from a regular B&B such as electricity, the cabins have been designed to be used all year round, so are fully insulated. They are a unique and attractive place to unwind, get back into nature, or simply escape from the city for a while.


Photograph of camouflaged Shipping Container Cabin in field by Tapnell Farm, Isle of Wight
Photograph from Camp Tapnell Airbnb listing (link below)

Tapnell Farm, Isle of Wight

Who: Tapnell Farm

What: 20ft shipping containers

Where: Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

Revenue: From £75 per night

Aptly described as ‘no-fuss glamping’, these shipping container glamping pods are a great example of pared back accommodation. Their approach is simple, using bunk beds and a stripped back design in order to remain extremely affordable. Whilst there’s no electricity, they offer the opportunity to stay in one of 9 repurposed shipping containers, perfect whatever the weather – without the hassle of having to put up a tent! The best thing about containers is that they have a windproof and waterproof exterior so your guests can stay warm and dry even on a budget.

Inside, each container comprises a double cabin-style bed, storage space, and chill area with beanbags. Outside, the cabins have been clad in rustic green wood planks to blend into their surroundings. They are nestled perfectly to enjoy incredible views of rolling countryside during al fresco dining. All-in-all they are simple, but highly effective, offgrid cabins.


Photograph of Shipping Container Cabin Hotel exterior by Stow Away, London
Photograph from Stow Away website (link below)

Stow Away, London

Who: Stow Away

What: 20ft shipping container

Where: Waterloo, London.

Potential revenue: From £134 a night

The wildcard on the list is Stow Away, who has taken things to a whole new level. Or, 5 to be exact. They’ve proved that container cabins aren’t just for countryside breaks. Plus, rather than converting just one luxury shipping container cabin, they have repurposed 26 containers stacked up to make up a complete shipping container hotel! Located in Waterloo, you can enjoy sustainable living in a completely unique building made entirely from containers.

Each studio is fitted with a super king-size bed and a black out blind to ensure a great sleep. The serviced studio apartments are fully equipped with a kitchen and a comfortable space to relax. Boasting a very efficient 18.4m2 room size, we’d assume that they’ve used 20ft shipping containers, sprayed white for a simple, yet eye-catching look.


Photograph of Shipping Container Cabin in field by Escape Pad, Cotswolds
Photograph from Escape Pad Airbnb listing (link below)

Escape Pad, Cotswolds

Who: Escape Pad

What: 40ft side opening shipping container

Where: Horsley, Cotswolds.

Revenue: From £150 per night

A romantic setting for a glamping pod, Escape Pad is situated on a 100 acre polo farm in the Cotswolds. They have nestled the fully furnished 40ft shipping container in amongst the trees so that you can wake up to the sound of birds. Boarded out in a really sleek and attractive plywood, this is really set off by the black kitchen and accents. The entire outside has also been painted black to create a stunning, modern look. Set in a remote location, you can enjoy amazing walks all over the valley which you’ll look out onto from a full length window and huge side opening door.


Find Your Shipping Container Cabin

As you can see from this glamping pod list, shipping containers make the perfect base for converting into cabins. And with Airbnb even having a category just for shipping containers, there’s certainly a market for them. So, now you too can grab a little slice of the market. All you need is a little bit of land and some inspiration.

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