5 Reasons to Use Shipping Containers as Storage


Having an efficient storage system onsite whilst working on a project is crucial, which is where shipping containers as storage work very well. Your focus should be on your work and the project at hand, not the safety and security of your supplies or belongings. 

We, at THS Containers, strongly advise the use of shipping containers for onsite storage, and this article will detail exactly why.

Whether you have a short or long-term need for a shipping container, the THS team want to help and be a part of your next project. We are proud to offer a range of containers for sale and for hire, in a variety of different sizes. So, whatever the requirements of your project storage are, we can help meet them, at THS Containers.

What is a Shipping Container?

A shipping container is a highly-durable, large container typically made of steel. Shipping containers have been used for decades to transport heavy cargo across oceans. They are reliable, multi-functional and durable, making them the preferred choice in the transportation sector.

However, more recently we have seen an increase in customers using shipping containers for domestic purposes. Self-storage continues to be a growing trend in the shipping container industry.

Why Should I Use Shipping Containers as Storage?

So, what makes shipping containers a better choice than their alternatives? We wanted to answer this question with the help of our team. Here are the team’s top 5 reasons to choose shipping containers for storage:


Onsite storage remains a constant in your project. Come rain or shine, your goods and belongings are always going to need a place to stay. Therefore, when the inevitable rain and dull weather in Britain come along, you should have confidence in your storage as a protective measure. 

Shipping containers are made of steel, meaning they are completely waterproof and weatherproof. Protected fully against the elements, you can be sure that your site equipment will remain safe and undamaged, thanks to using a shipping container for storage.


When you strip it back to its primary use, shipping containers are the most portable form of on-site storage you will find. 

As they are frequently used in the transportation sector, shipping containers have been designed with easy transportability in mind.

Portability is an important quality of on-site storage as circumstances may require you to move your storage container. Simply, you can just take your loaded shopping container storage and relocate to the next site.

Available to Buy or Rent

The actual practice of using shipping containers for storage is a highly-flexible one. THS Containers noticed that whilst a lot of individuals had a long-term need for a  shipping container, there were also those who only required one on a short-term basis. 

This is why we also rent our shipping containers, using our simple online quote form. From 8ft to 40ft, we have a broad selection of shipping containers to rent. This enables businesses everywhere to get the benefits of shipping containers for storage without the commitment of purchasing one.

Our flexibility with shipping containers for storage is what makes us the preferred choice of UK businesses with a need for shipping containers.


That sinking feeling when you see bite marks on your belongings is something you can avoid by using shipping containers for storage.

Shipping containers are able to keep rats and pests out, including bugs too. This is important, but especially critical if you’re planning on keeping perishable items inside. Keeping pests out of your storage protects the goods inside, which is critical for a business and the stability of your project.


The durability of your storage should be a top priority, as it is effectively responsible for the protection of your goods and belongings. 

These containers are constructed to withstand even the harshest of conditions. After all, they have been used to transport heavy cargo across oceans for many years, so you can certainly rely on them to be durable. Their stainless steel material means that they are designed to be watertight and ensure that the content is kept safe and secure.

Try Shipping Containers for Storage Today

Using shipping containers for storage is becoming an increasingly popular way to protect onsite goods. 

Whether it’s tools, perishable items, or even personal belongings, shipping containers for storage are available with the THS Containers team now.

For sale or for hire, we want to be a part of your next project. Enquire today to take your onsite storage to the next level.




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