5 Unique Shipping Container Uses

5 Unique Shipping Container Uses

People are often surprised to hear that there are a great number of shipping container uses. No longer exclusive to the construction industry, shipping containers are beneficial in a range of applications. From their intended use (storage) to commercial or personal use, shipping containers are adaptable, robust and cost-effective. Today we are taking a closer look at shipping container uses to demonstrate the benefits, and possibilities, of shipping container ownership. 

An Overview

Traditionally, shipping containers were used in construction and transportation as a quick and cost-effective way to store or transport items. As we outlined in a previous article, ‘’they are reliable, multi-functional and durable, making them the preferred choice in the transportation sector’’.

Stack of coloured shipping containers

Shipping containers are available in a variety of sizes, from 8ft to 40ft, and are available in abundance to both rent and buy.

Individuals and businesses in the domestic and commercial sectors are now reaping the benefits of these multi-functional, adaptable products. Not only are they readily available and robust, but they come at a low cost. This makes them a perfect choice for a range of individuals: including retailers, architects and restaurateurs. 

What Are The Most Popular Shipping Container Uses?

  • Alternative Housing

Architects and homeowners alike are forever looking to push the boundaries as far as housing goes. In recent years, shipping container properties have skyrocketed in popularity. Not only can they provide a unique aesthetic, but they are easy to customise and assemble. 

For anyone looking to create a truly distinctive and modern home, a properly insulated shipping container could be the answer. 

  • Emergency Medical Facility 

As they are easy to transport and modify, as well as being highly durable, they are often used in hospitals in emergency situations. Say, for example, a natural disaster has ravaged a country. A shipping container can be easily transported and assembled, providing a segregated and sturdy place for doctors and nurses to treat people.  

  • Office Space 

Similarly to those in the accommodation sector, people have had great success with converting shipping containers into offices. One huge benefit is that they are stackable, which means you are given the opportunity of creating unlimited space. 

If you want a cost-effective solution for housing your business, why not consider alternative methods such as storage containers? 

  • Retail Space

Of all the shipping container uses, this is one that we are seeing the most nowadays. Cities throughout the country are opting to use storage containers for commercial purposes. A good example is Box Park in London, which has created an entire shopping village, complete with a range of vendors, out of old containers. 

They provide a unique aesthetic experience and are quicker to the ensemble than a traditional building which requires ample organisation, time and funds. 

  • Unique Cafe/ Restaurant

A shipping container provides an entire structure that can be easily customised to the taste of the owner. For a small startup cafe or street food vendor, they can offer an affordable housing solution. Starting a business can be a big step that is very costly, so it is reassuring to know that there are cost-effective building solutions out there.

Shipping container on water

  • Swimming Pool

Believe it or not, there are dedicated companies throughout Europe that specialise in converting old containers into swimming pools. It makes sense, as they are sturdy, deep and can be easily adapted to be watertight. 

Although this is not a cheap solution, the finished product often looks fantastic. Complete with a wooden deck, a shipping container makes a great alternative swimming pool. 

  • Student Housing

Although it is yet to take off in the UK, architects and engineers in Europe have used storage containers as an alternative means to house students. One project in Gothenburg saw a company erect an entire student housing village using shipping units. These are fully customised to provide a complete living environment and mitigate many of the time and money problems that exist with traditional buildings on a large scale. 

Cheap housing that can be built quickly is a must in the student housing sector.

  • Storage

Although there are a number of great alternative uses for storage containers, they are still highly effective storage solutions. You have a great deal of flexibility in regard to size and setup, and they are entirely wind and weather resistant. From valuables to machinery and household items, storage units create a safe and reliable storage environment for a range of people.

  • Sports Facility

With such a large appetite for health and fitness in modern society, it is no surprise that people are opting to repurpose shipping units into fully functional gyms. As little maintenance is required on an ongoing basis, and excessive insulation is not necessary, a disused crate can be perfect for those looking to create an alternate fitness facility.  

Storage Container Hire at THS Containers

We hope you enjoyed the article, and now appreciate how adaptable storage units truly are. As an industry specialist with a wealth of experience, we are available to provide assistance to anyone looking to hire or purchase a shipping container. 

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us. Our dedicated team are happy to guide you through the process, whether you are looking for a specialised quote or have a general enquiry. Contact the team at THS Containers today. 




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