Stacking Pins


Stacking Pins

Stacking pins are essential to every shipping container as they help to hold them together when stacked. Our stacking pins at THS Containers have a 50 ton breaking load and prevent stacked containers from moving out of place and falling off. They are treated with a galvanised finish, ensuring that the pins last a long time and hold the containers together effectively. Get durable stacking pins suited to your shipping containers, today with THS Containers.


Shipping Container Stacking Pins

Our shipping container stacking pins comply fully with all of the health and safety requirements involved with the handling of shipping containers. When you shop with THS Containers, you’re purchasing from experts, who have over 80 years of experience in the transportation industry, and a further 30 years in the shipping container industry.

So, join the hundreds of customers that trust the THS team, today.

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