New & Used 8ft Shipping Containers

8 Foot Shipping Container Render
Key Features

Lock box included Multiple air vents Wind and water tight 27 mm marine plywood floor Multiple lashing points Blue/Green available

External Dimensions

Height: 2,000mm (6 ft. 7 in.)
Width: 2,000mm (6 ft. 7 in.)
Length: 2,489mm (8 ft. 2 in.)
Weight: 840 Kgs (1,850 Lbs)

Internal Dimensions

Height: 1,821mm (6 ft.)
Width: 1,912mm (6 ft. 3 in.)
Length: 2,338mm (7 ft. 8 in.)
Weight: 840 Kgs (1,850 Lbs)

8ft Containers

The smallest containers in our range, the 8ft containers available at THS Containers are well suited to customers seeking a secure but accessible storage solution on a budget. Each of our 8ft containers is fitted with a high-security lockbox. This is an effective theft deterrent and helps to keep the contents of your 8ft container secure at all times. Not only this, but our 8ft containers, similar to the rest of the containers in our stock, are windproof, waterproof and hugely robust. You can be sure that anything within your container is protected from every eventuality.

Used 8ft Shipping Containers For Sale

We offer customers the option to either buy or hire our 8ft shipping containers, which feature a 27mm marine plywood floor and multiple air vents and lashing points. Customers also have the option to source these containers either individually or as a full set, with ties to securely fasten all of the units together. The 8ft shipping containers at THS Containers are available in blue or green, but when you buy you can have them spray-painted in your own choice of colour for an extra cost. Even if your budget is especially tight, you can purchase ex-hire containers from us at an attractive discount on the “as new” price.

The 8ft container range lets you free up a little space without any heavy financial outlay. Our small shipping containers can even be put to domestic use – for example, as alternatives to garden sheds. For more information on this product or any of our other products, request a quote below.

Call us on 01455 271300 to learn more about the possibilities, both commercial and domestic.

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