How to Make a Shipping Container Garage

Always wondered how to make a shipping container garage but never found an easy answer?  Perhaps you are a UK homeowner whose house didn’t come with an all important garage. In recent times, more people are turning to alternate and DIY solutions to save themselves money and time. We are here to offer you an easy guide to creating your own unique garage out of shipping containers. 

The average cost to build a new garage in the UK is between £13,000 to £25,000, depending on the size, style, and materials used. Yet it is a little known fact that you could create your own for a fraction of the cost using shipping containers. What’s more, you’ll save on labour costs too since containers are delivered ready to go and require little or no maintenance.

Why choose a storage container garage?

A detached shipping container garage is a great option to easily increase the space and options of your property or business. Adding a separate garage gives you secure parking and storage that your house may desperately need. Even if your house already has an attached garage, you may consider adding another to store extra cars and belongings.  

Apart from the obvious price advantage, a shipping container has many advantages and features that lend itself to life as a garage. First, they offer extremely safe storage for your car, motorcycle and tools. Afterall, car dealerships wouldn’t be shipping cars all over the world in them if they weren’t fit for purpose. Other key features include:

  • Reliability 
  • Weatherproof materials: windproof and waterproof exterior
  • Versatility of use
  • Customisable options

Shipping container garage sizes

The first thing to consider when designing your dream storage container garage is the space you have to work with. Measure the space where the container garage will go to ensure you have room. Next consider how much storage you will need for your car and belongings. Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes so choosing the right storage container garage depends on your personal needs. 

Typically, a small British single garage is 8 by 16 feet (2.4 m × 4.9 m). Depending on the size of your car, we would recommend the 20ft containers with an external dimension of 2.44 m x 6 m approx. This will ensure enough length to fit your car inside. For smaller cars, you may manage to work with a 10ft shipping container. For motorcycles, you might choose a more convenient size in 8ft containers. 

Making a shipping container garage your own

Once you’ve decided on the size of your storage container garage, it’s time to get into the fun bit. Customisation options ensure that your garage looks and works exactly as you want it to. With so many container garage ideas possible, the only problem you’ll have is narrowing down your options. When making a garage out of shipping containers, customisation options include:

  • Custom spray paint
  • Door type
  • Lighting
  • Bespoke windows 
  • High cube (extra height)

Paint job

Of course, you’ll want your new garage to look the part. Colour options for storage containers tend to be blue or green as standard, but custom paint jobs can personalise it. Additionally, a new paint job will help it fit in as part of your home. Choose a colour which matches the colour of your house exterior or windows. It adds an additional price but is so worth it when your container can be customised to any RAL colour.

Door type

The other main consideration for a shipping container garage has to be the door type. Adding a roller shutter door can make it feel instantly more like a garage. It allows for easier access with no messing around with heavy doors. Depending on your needs you could also opt for a double door or tunnel container with access from both ends. Or even an open-sided option for easier exit from your vehicle once you’ve driven in.

Other considerations

If you are seeking a more affordable option, you also have the choice to buy used shipping containers at a significantly discounted price. This is just another way that shipping container garages are a cost effective alternative to a traditional garage.

Finally, you need to ensure ventilation is built into the storage container garage so that condensation doesn’t cause your damp or rust. All of the THS containers come with multiple air vents as standard. This ensures peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.

Preparing for the arrival of your shipping container

So you have measured to ensure you can fit your shipping container, chosen your custom options and purchased your new garage. What’s next? You need to ensure a level and solid surface to lay the container on. Suitable surfaces include a concrete slab to ensure it is sturdy and doesn’t move when you drive a vehicle into it. 

With that said, storage containers are self-supporting and don’t need special foundations. They do however need to be placed on level ground especially for ease of driving a vehicle in. Examples of suitable materials to level are railway sleepers underneath the container, or a concrete paving block under each corner. If in doubt, seek advice from your shipping container supplier.

Finally, it’s worth noting that you may need a container ramp to drive your car into your shipping container garage. These are easily sourced and worthwhile for ease of access to your new garage.

How to Make a Shipping Container Garage with THS Containers

With the rise in popularity of shipping container homes and office spaces, it’s no surprise that garages are next on the renovation list. They offer amazing conversion potential at affordable prices. In short, there has never been a better time to create a garage out of shipping containers.

Ordering your dream shipping container garage couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re looking for a new or used model, we offer extremely affordable rates and super fast delivery. Have a look at our shipping containers for sale if you need a durable and versatile storage solution for your car, motorcycle or tools.

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