Make Your Own Shipping Container Office

Make Your Own Shipping Container Office

A popular structure for conversion, the shipping container office is a modern solution to limited space. 

You can now create a distraction-free workspace that sits in your own garden. You’re a few steps away from your own home, but far enough away to get some serious work done. 

So how can you create this shipping container garden office? We’re here to talk you through it and show you just how easy it is to create an office in a shipping container. 

Create Your Shipping Container Office in 5 Steps

1. Design

As with every home renovation project, design is the first step. Begin by sketching out what you want (either using CAD or paper) to mock up an initial design. 

Choose the size of your shipping container carefully. Consider what exactly you’ll be putting in your office and how much room you’re going to need. If you have a large, drawing desk, for example, you may want to consider a larger model. With storage and cabinets included, be sure that your storage container can accommodate your dream office design. 

In this design phase, you should think about any bespoke features you would like to have installed into your office shipping container including:

  • Partitions 
  • Patio doors and UPVC windows 
  • Skylights 
  • Canteen packages 
  • Wood cladding

2. Purchase Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers are available to purchase both new and used, from THS Containers.

Should I get a new or used shipping container?

New or used, choosing the right container size is equally as important. There is a range of sizes available from 8ft-40ft.

3. Doors and Windows

Of course, shipping containers do not come with windows and doors built in. But, we all need light in our office space not only for practicality but also for our own mental well-being. Typically, you will need an experienced welder to do this for you but it will be worth it in the long run.

4. Flooring

The flooring of a shipping container is robust, but certainly not a comfortable office flooring choice.

Many people choose to install flooring in their shipping containers like vinyl click flooring. This will make the space feel less industrial, and more homely for your work needs. 

5. Fixtures

Slightly less fun than choosing your colour scheme, but just as important. Your office is going to need reliable power, and the electricity must be sound.

Enlist the help of an electrician to make sure this is done safely and efficiently. 

6. Decorate

Now comes the fun part, spruce up your new shipping container office. Whatever your personal style, you can get creative with your decoration.

With plenty of light, you’ll be able to fill your new office with plant life or whatever you fancy.

Create Your Shipping Container Office

We’ve got new and used shipping containers ready for purchase. Find yours down below and build out your free quote.


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