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We don’t simply specialise in providing containers; we want to help you make the most of them, too. Our strong and secure containers are hugely versatile, allowing them to be used as offices, canteens, studios, exhibition stands and hotel rooms, to list just a few examples.

Here are ways that we can tweak your containers to enable them to meet their intended purposes.

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For containers, we can fit a wide range of modifications – including new doors and windows such as bespoke products and roller shutter doors. We can also install new heating, lighting and electrical systems if those already in the unit have become faulty.

Spin rounds

If you run a container transport company that needs a particular container turning around, we can quickly and conveniently send out a large forklift with which we can do the job for you. With this forklift, we can spin a container of any weight up to 18 tons.


We provide our containers in blue or green as standard. However, when ordering a container to buy from us, you can also ask us to paint it in a different colour from the RAL chart. That painting’s cost will be covered by the overall quote for the container.

If you need a particular type of container that doesn’t seem to slot easily into existing categories, please contact our team on 01455 271300 to discuss the project. Accounting for your ideas and even any designs you provide, we will find a solution that satisfies your requirements.

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