Stacking Pins

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  • Designed to secure and hold shipping containers together when stacking. 50 tons breaking load
  • Prevents stacked containers from moving or falling off
  • High quality cast steel construction.
  • Treated with a galvanized finish the twist locks will last a long time in the most rigorous environment.
  • Complies with health and safety requirements.

Please note: 4 stacking pins are required per container.

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Stacking Pins are designed for stacking shipping containers on top of each other. The containers stacking pin/cone features a plate with a locating pin on either end that slots into the holes cut out on the corner casts. The locking stacking pin/cones we provide come with a handle which can be engaged or disengaged to lock or unlock two shipping containers. Although shipping containers are designed to be stacked it is necessary to lock them together with the container stacking pins/cones on sites where there may be susceptible to movements such as in high winds or where there is a possibility of a vehicle colliding with them for health and safety. Ideal for building site storage and temporary offices.


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