Renting or Buying Shipping Containers: Which is Better?

Renting or Buying Shipping Containers: Which is for Me?

Buying shipping containers is an investment and purchasing them has many benefits. However, purchasing a container is not the best option for every project as it entirely depends on your requirements.Ā 

Today, weā€™re going to quickly look at the reasons for purchasing a shipping container and the reasons for renting shipping containers and evaluate which option suits you best.Ā 

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Without further ado, letā€™s take a look at the reasons to purchase a container and the reasons why renting may be better for you.

Buying Shipping Containers

Investing in a shipping container is a sensible choice if you have a long-term need for one. Not only this, shipping containers are proven to be very flexible and versatile with more and more creative uses being shared every day.

Who would benefit the most from purchasing shipping containers?

Some examples include:

  • Companies shipping goods overseas in need of cargo storage
  • Schools in need of outdoor equipment storage (for P.E classes and athletic goods)
  • A hospital requiring a staff room, canteen or any extra spaceĀ 
  • Somebody looking to set up a private office at home or in a commercial spaceĀ 
  • Farming facilities in need of storage spaceĀ 

Ultimately, if you have a long-term need for a shipping container, buying shipping containers is a much smarter choice than renting them and is far more economical.

Renting Shipping Containers

If you think about it simply, it doesnā€™t make a lot of sense to buy a shipping container if you havenā€™t a long-term need for one. You may be on a temporary project and only need it for 8 weeks. In this case, renting a shipping container is the perfect solution for your needs.Ā 

Who would benefit the most from renting shipping containers?

Some examples include:

  • Construction sites that need temporary storage or canteen facilities
  • Retail environments that need extra seasonal storageĀ 
  • Home renovation projects that require a safe space for personal belongingsĀ 
  • Short-term events such as music and sporting festivals

Renting shipping containers is a smart decision when you have a short-term need for storage units. You can rent a container flexibly, and customise your rental process to suit your exact needs. Well, you certainly can at THS Containers.Ā 

Rent or Buy – Which is for You?

By now, you should hopefully have deduced whether buying shipping containers or renting shipping containers is the right choice for you and your project.Ā 

Ready to buy? THS Containers has shipping containers to buy, ranging from 8ft-40ft in size and capacity. Browse the full range of options today and get in touch with our team for more information.Ā 

Ready to rent? Perhaps purchasing isnā€™t for you. In this case, youā€™ll need to send us your rental requirements. By using our simple requirements form found on each of our product pages, you can send your quote in seconds and hear back from us as soon as possible.Ā 




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