How Shipping Container Canteens Save Your Business Money

Whether you’re a small business, office or on-site tradesman, shipping container canteens can provide the perfect solution to a break room. As we enter the colder months of the year, now more than ever it’s important to look after your staff’s well-being. One way to do this is by providing a place for your team to enjoy a coffee break and relax at lunchtime. Studies show that breaks can lead to greater productivity and less burnout, with 85% of employees saying that taking regular breaks during the day would boost their productivity.

Perhaps you’ve never had a separate canteen before, or you’ve outgrown your current setup and need more space for your team. Shipping container canteens are a practical and budget-friendly alternative to a bricks and mortar extension. They offer all of the benefits (and more) for a fraction of the price of a traditional building. On top of improving your staff well-being, here are five ways a canteen container will help save your business money:

1. They’re mobile

Rented Accommodation

If you are looking to improve your facilities but work in rented accommodation, this could mean having to move at short notice. By committing to spending money on improving your current set-up, this could be money down the drain for your business if you end up relocating. 

By choosing a mobile canteen, you can simply take it with you wherever you go. Even if you decide to move across the country, converted shipping containers can easily be moved with the right equipment. 

On-site Accommodation

This type of canteen is particularly suited to construction companies or builders who require temporary onsite facilities. Rather than trying to find a cafe to shelter in at breaktime, you always have one at hand to keep your workers warm and dry.  Plus, if you often work on different site locations and projects, then your canteen container can come with you. 

Mobile canteens converted from shipping containers are easy to move with a crane equipped vehicle, making them ideal for use on building sites. What’s more, there is no need to dismantle the canteen; it can be transported as it is. 

2. They’re secure

If you are working on-site, you know that safety is important. By utilising a shipping container to create a canteen, you know that you’re getting a sturdy, solid construction as standard. Often, site container canteens are fitted to incorporate anti-vandal security features. For example, every door, steel window, and shutter is able to be locked. 

Ultimately, these additions act as an effective anti-theft deterrent. When they’re locked up and secured, shipping container canteens are very difficult for thieves to break into. This provides peace of mind that your contents will be safe while you’re away from the site or office at night. Importantly, the high levels of security saves you money as it makes it very difficult for thieves to steal anything from your business. 

3. They can double up as storage space

With their high levels of security in mind, container canteens can also double up as storage. As a business owner, you know that storage facilities are expensive. The cost effective nature of mobile canteens are one of the main reasons why converted shipping containers are so popular with business owners. If you require a dedicated storage space as well as a canteen or break room, you could opt for a ‘50/50’ option which provides you with both, separated by a partition wall.

Can I store food in a shipping container?

If you intend on using your shipping container to store food, as you might if you’re using it as a canteen or break room space, having somewhere to store food items is important. Being fully insulated and vented, you can rest assured that they are safe for any food stored within them.  In fact, many companies choose shipping containers as portable pantries or dry storage to keep their business stocked with food items.

4. They help you avoid rising rent prices

With industrial and office rent on the rise, many businesses struggle with finding a workplace which suits both their needs and their budget. Rising rent continues to be an issue in the UK which affects and potentially hinders growing businesses or companies. 

However, one area that could be solved is utilising a canteen container to help save you money on your rent. Instead, find a smaller workplace without a large kitchen or break room and invest in a shipping container canteen instead.  All you’ll need is a small piece of land beside your rental on which your container will sit. With a mobile canteen, can place your container almost anywhere with permission as long as:

  • The land is accessible
  • There is sufficient space 
  • The surface is level

5. They adapt to your needs

As your business evolves, you might find that your working environment needs to adapt too. Whether that’s a growing team or new priorities, container canteens can be adapted to suit whatever you require. As standard, shipping container canteens are fitted with:

  • Water heaters
  • Cupboards
  • Work surfaces
  • Sinks

With that said, a converted shipping container offers versatility, as it can be repurposed time after time in order to suit your needs. As mentioned before, shipping containers can be supplied with an open plan layout, converted into a canteen, and even with an internal wall to provide additional secure storage. In comparison, a rented office or space may not be able to accommodate your required changes so paying extra money or moving may be your only option.

21ft Container Canteens

Using converted shipping containers to create excellent office spaces and on-site container canteens can ultimately save your business money. As well as being highly versatile, these units are well suited to a variety of businesses, whatever your requirements.

At THS, we can equip your canteen container with everything you need to create the ideal place for your team to enjoy a coffee break and relax at lunchtime. Every 21ft canteen container is fully insulated so they are comfortable to use all year round. For an entirely hassle-free solution, we can even kit out our 21ft container canteen with furniture and white goods if required.

If you are in need of a modern and comfortable canteen space and break room without the hefty price tag of traditional extensions to your business, consider a shipping container canteen. They provide an ideal solution for busy workplaces and sites as they are temporary and can be relocated whenever needed. If you are interested in purchasing a 21ft canteen container for your business, please get in touch today to receive a quick quote.

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