Shipping Container Tiny Home Inspiration

Discover our top shipping container tiny house inspiration as people seek new and cost effective ways to build their dream home

Traditionally shipping containers have served one sole purpose for society; to transport goods overseas. However, in the last few decades, we have seen a huge increase in the use of shipping containers across many industries. Nowadays, one of the most popular uses for shipping containers besides logistics is as property.

With the cost of living crisis well established in the UK, many people are seeking new and more cost-effective ways to invest their money into their homes. We’ve seen the narrowboat phenomenon really take off, thanks to social media networks such as TikTok and Instagram. The BBC recently reported that there were 35,000 narrowboats made for the UK rivers and canals. The majority of these are occupied at least over the warmer months of the year. Coming off of this, we are also seeing a real skyrocket in the popularity of shipping containers being used as homes for people, called small container homes, and unlike narrowboats, a key selling point for container conversions is that these can be occupied all year round!

One of the fantastic things we get to see here at THS Containers is just how many of our customers have created their dream homes from our containers. We find our customers are incredibly well space-optimised within their container conversions, so we have decided to compile a list of our favourite tiny home inspirations.

Our Top Tiny House Container Tips

  1. Double up on furniture functionality

For example, consider investing in a kitchen island. Whilst this does indeed take space up, consider household furniture that can double up to have more than one purpose. A kitchen island not only gives you a kitchen workspace, it can also be used as a breakfast bar, home working desk and as a surface for those cosy board game evenings in your tiny house container.

  1. Optimise ceiling space

What we mean by this is that you should make the most of ceiling space with particular items, such as fans. Why not consider a ceiling fan? The ceiling is the most unused surface in properties. Drop down decor can also be used to make a home feel more cosy.

  1. Think about the lighting

You should not only think about artificial lighting, but also think about natural lighting, too. Lighting can change a space visually, making it look much roomier. You can also add mirrors into the house to make it appear bigger.

  1. Create a space that flows naturally outdoors

Many tiny house container owners maximise their outdoor space as well, to create a space that naturally flows from within their container. If you’re able to, why not consider adding a contained terrace area to your home? If you take decor inspiration from what is currently inside your home, it can really feel like an extension of your property!

Containers for Sale at THS Containers

Here at THS Containers we have several sized containers available for sale, with a wide variety of features included. If you’re looking at building your dream home from a shipping container, then what is stopping you? Thousands of people are currently undertaking their container conversions. Could you be next?

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