20ft High Cube Containers

20ft High Cube
Key Features

Lock box included Multiple air vents Wind and water tight 27 mm marine plywood floor Multiple lashing points Blue/Green available

External Dimensions

Height: 9ft 6ins (2.89m)
Width: 8ft (2.44m)
Length: 20ft (6.06m)
Weight: 2.34t (2.58t)

Internal Dimensions

Height: 8ft 9ins (2.65m)
Width: 7ft 7ins (2.33m)
Length: 19ft 3ins (5.87m)
Weight: 2.34t (2.58t)

20ft High Cube Containers

For instances where you need more space than a standard container can deliver, you would benefit from our 20ft high cube containers. Whether you require extra headroom or are shipping tall loads such as heavy-duty machinery, you can purchase or hire these 20ft high cube shipping containers.

Like our standard containers, our 20ft high cube containers feature an incredibly sturdy exterior construction paired with a plywood floor, multiple lashing points and air vents. With both wind and waterproof qualities, this container is the best option for keeping your items secure.

Key features include:

  • 20ft length
  • Extra foot of headroom (9ft 6in/2.9m in height)
  • 27mm marine plywood floor
  • Security lockbox

20ft High Cube Shipping Containers

In order to enhance the security of your valuable personal or commercial items, you can opt to strengthen the security of the 20ft high cube shipping containers by adding a lockbox. This addition adds an extra layer of protection while deterring thieves from preying on your containers.

The generous space which the 20ft high cube shipping container offers make them ideal for storing and transporting large and bulky cargo. The conversion of these containers into domestic, office and workshop areas has become increasingly popular. Given the generous room they provide, they are even suitable for pop-up retail units. 

No matter your intended use, this container can be customised even further to suit your needs if desired. Discuss your options with our helpful and experienced team today. 

What is the maximum weight you can load in a 20ft container?

The maximum weight you can load into a 20ft container is 28 tons, equivalent to 25,000kg.

If you are seeking further information about our 20ft high cube containers, get in touch with us today.

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