40ft Tunnel Containers

40 Foot Tunnel Container
Key Features

Lock box included Multiple air vents Wind and water tight 27 mm marine plywood floor Multiple lashing points Blue/Green available

40ft Tunnel Containers

Our 40ft containers are useful for various purposes – including making structural modifications and assembling mobile exhibition stands. However, if the containers you source must be highly accessible, consider buying or hiring 40ft tunnel containers from our company.

These units are each 40ft long and built with double doors on each side. These containers are a straightforward choice if you want both the largest space and maximum accessibility.

How these units can be configured to meet your needs

You can take your spatial requirements into account as you choose either a standard container or a one-foot-higher “high cube” variant. You can also opt to receive the unit in a default colour of either blue or green, as well as with a lockbox for added security.

If you would prefer to buy a 40ft tunnel container in a different colour on the RAL chart, we can apply that colour before delivering the item to you. The cost of that extra paint job will be included in the quote, making the overall pricing transparent for you.

Our 40ft tunnel containers are hugely versatile

Marine plywood flooring 27mm thick has been laid in each container, which also features multiple lashing points for you to use when transporting the contained goods. Those goods can be kept in good condition, as the unit will be wind and watertight and have multiple air vents.

To learn more about how various sectors can benefit from these units and how they can be modified, please phone us on 01455 271300.

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