Top 5 Creative and Realistic Shipping Container Ideas

Shipping containers offer a level of customisation that not many other temporary structures can provide. Thanks to this (and an unlimited budget) you could create the most elaborate bespoke buildings that your mind could conjure. But are the masses of shipping container ideas we see online actually realistic?

In this article, we’ll discuss shipping container architecture that you can actually achieve and why metal shipping containers are a great alternative foundation option. 

Why are Shipping Containers Good for Building?

Shipping containers, first and foremost, provide extensive durability similar to traditional building materials like brick, wood and concrete, without the high price point.

When maintained correctly, a shipping container can last for over 25 years. However optional reinforcements like specialist metal paint can further increase the lifespan of a metal building, so it could withstand upwards of 30 years of use.

Furthermore, a metal shipping container can provide impressive flexibility and versatility, meaning you can extend or minimise the space as your needs change. 

Shipping containers also offer enhanced security over classic building materials, as they’re made from thick, robust steel and include lock boxes to further elevate safety.

Lastly, shipping containers are highly sustainable due to their long life span, relatively easy manufacturing process and the recycled materials they’re made of.

Shipping Container Ideas YOU can use

So what can you actually do with a shipping container?

  • Build a Garden Shed

Metal shipping containers are ideal for year-round use outside. They’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are highly resistant to corrosion and rusting. This is much unlike standard wooden garden sheds, which do typically have a lifespan of 20-25 years, but are prone to wood rot.

Wood absorbs water and can struggle to dry fully. The remaining moisture creates dampness which allows wood-weakening mould to thrive and spread throughout the shed if left untreated. Shipping containers don’t experience this problem, as the metal they’re made from doesn’t absorb water.

Your container doesn’t have to look garish and can integrate very naturally into your garden when painted, so they’re definitely worth considering.

  • Create a Designated Storage Space

Shipping containers can be used similarly to garages and create weatherproof, water-tight spaces that can store anything (that doesn’t exceed the height of the roof!) At THS Containers, we hire and sell metal shipping containers from 8ft to 40ft in length, so depending on the number of things you need to tuck away, we’ll have the storage solution you’re looking for.

  • Design a Classroom

We remember the ‘temporary’ classrooms that wound up permanently on the school grounds, but our experiences of them may vary depending on the quality of the craftsmanship behind them. When properly insulated, metal shipping containers can provide focused learning spaces that don’t usually require planning permission to install.

Usually, planning permission isn’t necessary to install a shipping container, but it’s always worth verifying with your local authority before purchasing. 

  • Open a Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are becoming increasingly popular as the costs of renting a unit continue to rise. And if you’re not ready to set up in a permanent space just yet, a shipping container is the solution. 

Shipping containers are easy to transport, relatively simple to kit out and cost far less to run than a shop. 

By buying with THS Containers, you have the option to customise your container by painting it to suit your branding, truly making it your own. 

  • Curate a Hobby Space

A shipping container can be installed at home, on school grounds or even on your business premises to create a calming hobby space for you, your kids or your colleagues. There are few limitations to what you can do with your container, so you really can reach your full creative potential.


Why Should I Choose THS Containers?

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We have a huge selection of containers to meet various size specifications and budgetary limitations, and we’ll keep you up to date throughout the hire or purchase process to ensure your container arrives on time. 

If you’d like to inquire about our containers, please contact us using either our forms, by phone, or through our Facebook page. We’re always happy to help.

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